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Full height Shutters –

The type of shutter you choose for your window depends on the height of the window and its placement within the property. A bay window can be floor to ceiling and with such a height it is best to opt for a full height shutter to allow adequate light in and without overwhelming the space. These shutters are the most accommodating.

Café Style Shutters-

These are the best shutters when you need privacy but also want to enjoy the view and open feel of the window. The shutter covers only the bottom part of the window while the top remains open but discrete. If your window looks out into the street this is a great option.

Tier on Tier Shutters-

This is the shutter that covers the whole window with two rows of panels which you can open like a stable door. You can open the top tier and leave the bottom one closed for privacy.

Solid Panel Shutters-

These shutters cover a larger chunk of the bay window leaving just one or two panes open. The panels tend to be solid wood which now comes with several customizable options.

Special Shapes Shutters –

These are fully customized shutters for your bay window that fit your needs or tastes and they can be applied in any fashion you prefer. They tend to be more expensive but provide your window with exceptional character.


Bay windows tend to protrude outwards from the house which is a beautiful design effect in itself. Adding the shutters just increases the aesthetic of the space and can even increase the value of the property.For more information on bay window shutters in Reading and Berkshire give On Point Shutters a call on 0118 310 0410 or email them on


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