It has been centuries since bay windows made an appearance in the architectural field. Since the 14th century, the most aesthetically pleasing Victorian homes had this feature and that trend has continued into the 21st century. Bay windows were meant to enhance the architectural features of a home and have become synonymous with style.

Bay windows can benefit from all types of shutters available on the market. Considering how challenging it is to find the right blinds and drapes can be for a bay window, the convenience and durability of shutters come in handy and is a better option for discerning homeowners. From wood and waterproof shutters to express shutters, there is something to suit every style design.

Why Choose Shutters for Your Bay Window

  • It is a sophisticated choice

  • Shutters provide the window with a more sophisticated look compared to blinds and drapes. There are so many fashionable and stylish choices that it is inconceivable to have a dreary looking shutter even if you try. They are easy to install whether you choose to do it yourself or have a professional do it for you. In fact, they add curb appeal to your property even increasing its value on the market.

  • They Provide Privacy

  • Despite the beauty and convenience of drapes, there is only so much privacy they can provide. Unlike shutters, they can easily compromise your privacy when blown open by the wind or if they have a tear and regular cleaning can be costly especially. Shutters do not need to be taken down for cleaning, they do not suffer tears and are not affected by wind blowing. They keep the space very well protected from prying eyes and the elements as well.

  • They are Cost Effective

  • There are many shutter material options that are inexpensive and can be installed easily. Choose the best material that will withstand the element even after a long duration of use. To further cut down the cost you can choose to install it yourself and customize it to your preferences. Since it is not a difficult process you will find it fulfilling and you can even make it a family affair.

  • They Vary in Choice

  • The shutter choices are very many and provide different finishes and aesthetic appeals. From the material to the design you can choose to indulge yourself in various styles throughout the year. The options available include café, full height, shaped windows, tier on tier, and sliding shutters. The sliding shutters have a quite a myriad of uses and can even be applied to the pool settings.

    Interestingly, shutters are easy to control and by effectively controlling them you will control the amount of light you let into your space, the privacy options as well as the look of the space.

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    Do not worry if your window is irregularly shaped because bespoke shutters exist for this very reason.

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