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Trusted Bay Window Installation In Berkshire

The type of bay window you install is determined by the shape of your window. Just like the cast iron fireplace, a bay window is synonymous with a Victorian house. These windows are an intricate work of art and and delicate; thus, they require the services of a professional when installing them. At On Point Shutters, we have discovered that more residents are installing bay windows shutters in Reading and Berkshire.

Types of Bay Window


Curved Bay Window

Also known as a Multifaceted bay this type of window features 4,5,6 and sometimes up to 7 glass panes as opposed to the usual 3 panes that an ordinary bay window has


Triangular Bay Window

This window is made up of only 2 windows which meet at usually 120 degrees


Angled Bay Window

This is also known as an canted bay window. It has angled sides and a flat front side


Box Bay Window

Also known as square bay window made up of 3 side joined ad 90 degree corners

Bay Window Shutters In Reading

We have worked to tailor our services to accommodate these residents who are willing to step out of the box and create a new design dispensation using the bay window concept. We provide the best bay window shutters in Berkshire and Reading using tested and proven tips. Since bay windows can be multifaceted, angled, or bowed so one shutter cannot fit all. We find solutions that match the needs of your specific bay window and choose a style that fits the window.



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